November 20, 2011

Buckeye Bud - An Introduction to My Journey

I am SO excited to not only be the newest addition to this blog but also to be joining an amazing group of women with similar life struggles. I never imagined how hard this journey would be or why God would choose me to be a passenger on this unfair journey. Here is a quick wrap-up about how I got here today.

My first pregnancy occurred in July 2010. I went in for my ten week Ultrasound on a Friday and found out my baby stopped growing at seven weeks. I had a missed miscarriage that weekend and a DNC the following Monday. I was completely and utterly devastated beyond belief. I had never in my entire life felt pain to that magnitude. My life was over, my dream was destroyed, and the light at the end of the tunnel was 20 light-years away. Everyone I encountered seemed to say all the wrong things. “It wasn’t meant to be,” or “it will happen again just be patient” were some of the worthless rubbish I heard on a daily basis. People didn’t mean to be cruel; they just don’t know what to say in situations like that.

Three very long months later I got pregnant again. Shocker…another miscarriage at six weeks. Four months later I got pregnant AGAIN and had a miscarriage at six weeks. By this time, I was completely numb from the pain. I had cried so much over the past year that I was completely out of tears by the time I found out about an unexpected tubal pregnancy in August 2011. A persons mind is a very sensitive thing and for it to be beat up so much in so little time put me in such a deep depression I never thought I would find my way out. But hope has pulled me's all I have left!

My goal of joining this blog are to become a support system for other women in situations similar to my own. Helping others helps with healing my own self, so I am tremendously eager to get started!

-Buckeye Bud


Diva Bud said...

It is so awesome to have you share your story on the blog... It can definitely help during the TTC process, whether it's been easy or difficult. I know it has been extremely therapeutic for me, after my early loss, and throughout my entire process. So, welcome to the board! I hope you have your sticky baby soon :)

Explorer Bud said...

Welcome, it is always great to have new ladies to share our journey's with. Good luck and I hope 2012 is a lucky year for all of us!!!

Buckeye Bud said...

Thanks for your kind words ladies! I really think this blog will be good for me! And Lets hope we all get sticky babies in 2012!! Lets even hope for twins!!!


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