November 21, 2011

1st IVF Appointment

Today was our first appointment for the start of the IVF process. We did our baseline ultrasound and there were some follicles hanging out in the ovaries and no cysts. So off to a decent start. We did have to dialate my cervix which was quite the unpleasant experience. I am not sure why I didn't have to have that done the first two times but man am I glad I didn't. I wanted to throw up and pass out while trying to relax my uterus so my cervix would keep expanding. Next time I will drug myself heavily!!!

We went over the medication schedule, set up our second appointment for the 29th, got our needles and syringes and got my hip/butt marked for the Menopur injections. The Dr. said he felt they were absorbed better intramuscular instead of subcutaneous in the abdomen so sadly I will be getting more butt shots than I had hoped for but the Dr. did say they are supposed to hurt less that way as well. Can I really trust him to know that info??!!

I start Clomid and Femara tomorrow and then Menopur on Thanksgiving! I will be in rainy California for the rest of this week visiting with family so that will be good but a new twist of going through an IVF cycle doing normal life stuff.

Oh and we got to pay for the procedure, dilation and needles to a nice total of $4,710. So far with our medication costing $1,093 (I still need to purchase HCG shot and the Progesterone shots), the mini-stem IVF w/ ICSI $4,600 and cervix dilation $100 we are at $5,793. Not too bad, we will still need to pay $500 for the anesthesiologist, and the last two ultrasounds are $500 and any blood work so it will be interesting to see the grand total compared to Panama.


Esther Noelle said...

I've been wondering when I'd see an update on this!!! How exciting! We'll have to chat! Keep me posted.


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