November 21, 2011

Please Dont Tell Me This Is Happening Again

So I should probably get you guys updated on where I am since my last Ectopic Pregnancy in August. It seemed like I was track until I talked to my doc today. And Please keep in mind…..I am FERTILE MYRTLE (I’ve gotten knocked up every time I’ve TTC)…….I just can’t carry.

August 2011 -Tubal Pregnancy. Received a shot of Rhogam (because I have O negative blood) and an injection of Methyltrexate. I was advised to wait 90 days for the Methyltrexate to exit my system before TTC again. Progesterone was tested at this time and was at a 1!

October 2011-Finally got all the basic blood work done that was ordered by my infertility specialist. Results: 2 mutations of the MTHFR gene. Fix: 1mg of Folic Acid twice daily. Went to the chiropractor for the first time in my life to find out that I have significant scoliosis and an issue with my tail bone/last vertebrate causing my nerves to be twisted and stretched in my lower spine. Since then I’ve been seeing the chiro 3x a week which is supposed to help with fertility.

November 2011: Used OPK’s until I got a positive ovulation surge. FWP for several days prior to and two days after the surge. I also began vaginal prometrium 2x daily 2 days after the surge. I was on the prometrium for 12 day with AF expected 2 days later. She didn’t show so I took a HPT and got a BFN! 3 days later, AF arrived and was fairly heavy the first 2 days. However, it turned brown and spotty. This can’t be right considering I was on the prometrium!

Today: Concerned and paranoid of another tubal pregnancy, I called my doc and explained my AF. She too concerned, ordered me in for Beta levels. So now…..I wait……with fear. If I have to wait another 3 months to try again I just might lose my mind……seriously.

PLEASE cross your fingers for me that it’s not what I think it is :(


Holly Hansen said...


Because your are homozygous for the MTHFR polymorphism (the most severe form) you have a very limited ability to break down synthetic folic acid to its active form, L-methylfolate. I work with NeevoDHA which contains active L-methylfolate as an alternative to folic acid. It is specifically indicated for women with MTHFR. It increases blood folate levels and decreases homocysteine levels more effectively than synthetic folic acid. It is something you might want to ask you doctor about.

I am so sorry you have to struggle so much to have babies. It seems so unfair. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you for a healthy pregnancy in the near future.

Me said...

Fingers crossed it isn't what you think it is!

Cactus Bud

Buckeye Bud said...

That's great to know Holly. Thanks!Is it something they just call in a prescription for? I will most def ask my doctor about that when I talk to them next!

Cactus Bud.....your finger crossing must of tubal!!

Holly Hansen said...

Yes. It is just a different type of prescription prenatal vitamin made for women with MTHFR. It is something simple and safe you can do to be certain that adequate folate status is not an issue for you. With synthetic folic acid, you cannot be certain you are absorbing the proper amount because of your mutation. Good luck!


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