November 21, 2011

New OPKs & bringing the heavy artillery ;)

So, I went ahead and purchased a new box of OPKs. For the price, I decided to go with the First Response batch which brings 20 tests. Here is the result of my first test:

The test line is a bit lighter than the other line, but it seems pretty close to me... I am going to try again tomorrow and see. I am also temping, which I think will help put things into perspective. I am also recording all my symptoms into my period tracker app.

Mr. DBud and I are taking a night off BDing. We are both a bit tired (we did it 3 nights in a row) and I am actually a bit drowsy. I had to take some medicine for a sore throat and sniffles, and I am about to knock out as we speak.

The funny thing is... When I left the pharmacy, I saw this sitting on my car...

Maybe it's a sign :) I hope so... c'mon little Turkey!!! Bake, bake, bake!!!!! :) :) :)

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Curly Bud said...

Diva, babe I sure hope that stork has big plans for you! I'm sending some baby voodoo your way!! =o)

Diva Bud said...

I seriously hope he wasn't just taunting me :-/ thanks for the baby voodoo!!!!! :)


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