November 22, 2011

The Weight Has Been Lifted

Sitting at my desk at work at around 10:30ish my phone rings. It’s my doctors office. HOLY CRAP. My stomach immediately goes into a pretzel like formation and I start getting the pre-vomit watery jaws. I am absolutely terrified they are going to tell me it’s another stinking ectopic.

“Hey, great news……you have no pregnancy in your system!”

I swear 200lbs lifted off my shoulders at that very moment. I don’t think I have EVER been so relieved to not be pregnant in my entire life! First thing I thought……”THERE IS A GOD!!!!”

I talked to the nurse, whom by the way I absolutely ADORE, for about 10 minutes. She said that my body might just not react the same way some ladies do while on Prometrium. And if my body wants shorter periods, then so be it!

She then started to talk to me about Clomid and another medication that does the same thing called Femara. Here is what she told me:

Clomid makes some ladies crazy and gives them very intense side effects. It is FDA approved and most likely covered under your insurance.

Femara does EXACTLY the same thing Clomid does but WITHOUT the side effects. It is used for treatment with breast cancer patients but infertility doctors and mine specifically, LOVE it. The nurse said their office has had a ton of luck with this drug and highly recommend it!

However, the downside is that it is not FDA approved and might not be covered under my insurance.

I didn’t think twice and told her to call me in a script for the Femara and if I couldn’t afford it I would just call them back for the Clomid. So it’s settled, I start Femara on cycle day 3 and continue until cycle day 7 (Around December 15th). Two pills a day at the exact same time. I will still need to do my OPK’s and begin another 12 day cycle of Prometrium one day after FWP.

I am supposed to ovulate next weekend so I'm not sure if we should TTC on our own or just wait until the end of December when I'm set to begin my cycle again. What do you think??


Diva Bud said...

Awesome news!!!! Congrats on NOT being pregnant, and on possibly uncovering a new chapter in your TTC process :)

Buckeye Bud said...

Thanks!!! What a relief!


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