November 3, 2011

Oh the Medications We Take to Get Pregnant



This is how I feel about Metformin pretty much every time I have to start taking it,or up the dose, or eat something that I shouldn't(Okay so that may be my own fault),or not eat when the medicine starts flowing through my system, or, or, or... Fellow Metformin users will understand or really any of us that get the joy of taking fertility meds with their lovely side-effects!!

The good news though, knock on wood, I seem to be finally adjusting to the Metformin and having fewer mad dashes to the bathroom, bouts of nausea and stomach cramps. I have even added in the my vitamins to the daily dose since those sometimes make me feel yucky as well and I wasn't about to add something else to an already sick feeling day!!


Diva Bud said...

I know exactly how you feel :-/ metformin sucks!!!!!


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