November 3, 2011

9 weeks

Yay! We finally make it to 9 weeks!

Here are the milestones/ pregnancy symptoms for this past week:

1. I had my 9 week ultrasound! Heart rate is 177 and everything looked fine!
2. I met my midwife. She was great. I am hoping for a home birth if all goes well.
3. Breast tenderness started this week.
4. Nausea has skyrocketed. I have been feeling awful and am having a hard time keeping anything down. I have started trying to never have an empty stomach and that helps....sometimes.
          Some things that have made me puke this week are:

1. The smell of eggs on my husbands breath when he kissed me goodbye this morning.
2. Seeing the chip isle at the grocery store.
3. While doing the dishes, thinking of washing out a butter dish.
4. The smell of Turkey Bacon, a part of Little Lucky Buds favorite lunch.
5. Brushing my teeth
6. Thinking of having to have my progesterone shot(it really hurts lately since the whole site is very tough)
7. Anytime my stomach is empty, even sometimes in the middle of the night. 

So here is to hoping for less nauseous times ahead.



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