November 10, 2011

Medications Purchased

Congratulations Buttercup Bud and your wonderful birth! What a great story to get to read!!

I made the purchase of the majority of my medications from an online pharmacy in England called I saved about $1,200 from going through them but I do have to wait 2 weeks before they arrive. I am going to get the HCG, progesterone shots and Femara, I think, through my local pharmacy who seems to have competitive rates. My first appointment is the 21st and then I will start the medications the on the 22nd. I am excited to get going but truthfully really scared it isn't going to work again and I am not sure I am ready for another BFN or ectopic for that matter!! I guess that isn't any reason not to go forward but I don't think I can be truly optimistic about this round after two failed rounds, pretty much a successful one will be the only thing to make me hopeful! Oh the many joys of IVF, it takes the joy out of trying to have a family!!!


Lucky Bud said...

Wow! How exciting! I didn't realize that you were this close to starting your next cycle! I am nervous and excited for you. I can relate to the feeling of not really believing it can happen until it does. I really hope that #3 is your lucky number!


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