November 9, 2011

First off...

I'd like send a big, fat and joyous CONTRADULATIONS to Buttercup Bud for her little miracle! Yay! =oD

Secondly, I'm sorry that it's been a few days since I've written. I've checked the blog almost daily but have strangely enough lost track with how long ago my last post was.

There isn't much to report in my neck of the woods. I'm just waiting for Friday so that I can either do a HPT or welcome (NOT) AF. I did a HPT test this morning and, of course, was disappointed with a BFN. I tried not to be too down about since I did it early anyway. Secret? - My attempts to stay chipper didn't really work. =o/ *sigh* I'll let you all know Friday or Saturday when I check again.

I think if I don't/didn't conceive this month, I'm going to get an ovulation kit. Mr. CB didn't really want to do one since we haven't had an issue conceiving in the past, but I'm getting antsy. This month marks 1 year in our TTC journey...



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