October 19, 2011

Meformin Woes

Well I am back to taking my Metformin since my hiatus between IVF's. I did have the Dr. change my prescription to the extended release so I can take it before I go to bed. That has decreased the nasty side effects of intestinal upsets and nausea but the past week I have been on a roller coaster of feeling great then suddenly wanting to throw up. Luckily I just feel nauseous and don't actually have to throw up. I have been reading and it seems that it can take up to a month before Metformin stabilizes your insulin levels and the side effects subside. All I can say is Immodium chewable tablets are always close by till my body adjusts.

Otherwise, I have planned out that I will start taking BC this coming Sunday and that should put the egg retrieval the week after Thanksgiving. I am excited but worried that it will be another failed cycle. I did talk to a lady that had done IVF and they put in 3 grade D eggs and all three took, she has 3 year old triplets. Also, a friend of hers just did IVF and she had 2 grade C and 1 grade D eggs and all three took. So....some people it works maybe this time it will for us!


Diva Bud said...

I, too, have been feeling the effects of metformin... And it is NOT pretty :-/ I haven't thrown up, either. But the nausea does come and go. And I am only taking one 500mg tablet a day because I have not been able to hand two. I took one last night and one this morning and my body was already funky.

I find that the best time to take them is after, or during, a meal. For some reason, it goes down smoother this way and offers a lot less side-effects.


Explorer Bud said...

Thanks, I am on the extended release and am taking 1,000 mg at night. Today I am feeling better and less nausea which is a relief!!


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