October 18, 2011

7 Week Update

Well I am 7 weeks along today. It is starting to feel a little more real that I am pregnant, although I still can't believe it. I haven't had many pregnancy symptoms except for nausea, and that comes and goes all day. It is not too bad for now though. I basically feel same as always. I am still pretty anxious especially when I think about the three miscarriages that my sister had last year. I really have no idea what we would do next if anything happens. IVF or using an adopted frozen embryo are our only fertility options, and I just don't think I am up for a third round. My Dr said that I can feel more confident after my 9 week ultrasound, so I am really looking forward to that.


Heather said...

I am exactly one week ahead of you & I have these exact same worries. I've been told the worrying never goes away :( Hoping the hurdles get easier for you to cross as the weeks go on. Will enjoy following your progress :)

Explorer Bud said...

That is soo exciting, everything will be great!! Try to stay positive which I know is really hard to do at times!!


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