October 14, 2011


From Aruba! My fellow buds, this place is absolutely beautiful. We've gone parasailing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. The sand is white and the water is clear and blue.

I was hoping that AF wouldn't show up for her expected appointment on the 18th, but alas, she surprised me early by coming today. =o( I'm okay about it I guess. I suppose that a plus side to it is that I can do all the activities we want without any worry.

Mr. CB surprised me by telling me a couple of weeks ago that he's 100% ready and committed to TTC, whereas before we had just been going with the flow, so to speak - you know how men are before they commit. So we'll see where that leads.


Explorer Bud said...

That is great Mr. CB is fully on board that is a great emotional support to know that!


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