October 19, 2011


Hello, all :)

I don't have anything really major to report... But I thought I'd pop in and say hello, anyway.

In keeping with the trend (along with Explorer Bud), I too have had my share of metformin woes. In all seriousness, I detest this medication. I seriously wish I did not have to take it... But, unfortunately, I do have to take it. :-/ I am hoping that what they say is true, and that I start adjusting after the one month mark. Sadly, when the nausea and intestinal wars begin, a month seems like a pretty long time...

I have noticed a little extra, creamy white, discharge in my panties lately... followed by a bit of EWCM when I wiped. I thought that it was either one or the other... I have never heard of these two types of discharge appearing at the same time. Has anyone else had a similar situation? I know it may seem a bit strange to discuss discharge, and some may think it to be a bit too TMI, but if you've dealing with fertility issues, and the subject of discharge and CM comes up, I believe it's a little blog-worthy ;)

Until next time!

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