September 15, 2011

Feeling strange...

I don't know if it's the "new school year" germs or what... But I have been feeling a bit funky lately.

Sunday, I woke up feeling "so-so", with a pounding headache (not migraine just headache) that turned into some weird chills (my lip felt as if it had no circulation) that became nausea that made me run to the bathroom to throw up a bit. After all that, I slept it off and felt better, resuming my week as I normally do. I have had a headache, pretty much, every day since then. Today, I took a little nap to prepare for a dinner with friends, and upon waking up, I was totally dizzy and nauseous. I had some chewable Pepto, went to the bathroom and lost some of it, then went to the dinner. As we arrived, I wasn't feeling too hot, but a while into it I was pretty much better... Probably 90%.

Does this seem strange?? I mean I know there is a virus going around, but I have yet to feel any "flu" symptoms... It's just the headaches and nausea. A part if me kinda feels like I should run to the drug store and pick up some tests to POAS. I may just have to, tomorrow.

And, on another note - as if it wasn't obvious by this post - still no sign of AF... :-/ The waiting game continues.

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