September 15, 2011

Our cost for our Open Embryo Adoption (Attempt)

Okay, it is late and I can't sleep, so I decided to detail out our expenses for our embryo adoption, and since we have paid a little here, and a little there, I did not realize until this moment how fast it has added up. We have paid everything except for the storage and transfer fees which are due before the transfer. I really hope that this transfer works!

$300 NEDC Application fee
$300 Home Study Update  (Full home studies are around $2,000 but we just needed an update)
$300 STD screening for Mr Lucky Bud and I with no insurance coverage
$800(now $1200) NEDC Program fee
$500Initial consult and mock transfer
$300Travel to Tennessee with overnight stay for consult
$300 Bethany Home Study Review
$2700 Bethany Open Adoption Program (This fee is only for people electing to have an open agreement, not for an anonymous donor)
$181 Embryo Shipping fee (varies by donor)
$400 Pre-existing embryo storage costs (vaires by donor)-these are outstanding fees for embryo storage that need to be paid to release the embryos. Some donors do not have any outstanding fees.
$550 Medication (varies)
$335 1st monitoring bloodwork and ultrasound (this was my cost at my local fertility clinic with no insurance)
$425 2nd monitoring bloodwork and ultrasound (this was my cost at my local fertility clinic with no insurance coverage)
$3,527 embryo transfer
$300 Travel and overnight stay in Knoxville, TN for embryo transfer
Total cost of 1st embryo transfer = $11,218

The program includes a second and third transfer if the first fails for just the cost of the transfer($3,527)

For an open adoption, there would be an additional expense with Bethany if you did not have any remaining embryos from your donor, and had to start an agreement with a new donor. There would not be any additional fees for an anonymous donor.

The person that I learned about this program from chose a closed adoption, had no embryo storage or transfer fees, already had a home study, and spent a total of $5,500 two years ago. The fees have increased a bit since then. They did not mention monitoring costs, so maybe it was covered by insurance.



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