September 15, 2011

Back From Vacation

Rare moment of peace
The boys loving the airport tram

We have been in Seattle all week visiting family. We got home WAY too late last night. Both of the boys caught a stomach bug early on in the week and I was very busy with sick babies while on vacation. It was still great to be back in my home town and to see my sisters though. My older sister just had a baby a month ago. She is so tiny. Holding her, I got excited all over to be holding a tiny baby again.
Baby Ruby

My transfer is still scheduled for Monday, but I am waiting for my lab results from my bloodwork and ultrasound this morning that will determine if we are still on. I am not too hopeful because at my last ultrasound I was not where they were hoping I would be. Hopefully I will know in the next few hours or so.

I waited ALL day to hear back from my nurse and she finally returned my call at 4:55 to tell me that we are still on for our transfer on the 19th! I am so excited! I really wasn't expecting to be able to go. The boys are going to stay at my sister-in-laws house while we make the drive to Knoxville, TN (from Maryland). We brought Little Lucky Bud when we made the trip in December, but he gets car sick so it was a very difficult trip. He will hopefully be a lot happier playing with his cousins. We will leave on Sunday morning and arrive in the evening. My transfer is Monday, and we will stay the night and leave Tuesday. I am so grateful to get to be going to go so soon even though it looked like their might have been some set backs!



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