August 4, 2011

Hitting A Wall

I really think we made the right decision to do our shower early. Seriously. The shower was at 28 weeks. I'm now at nearly 30 weeks and Holy Toledo am I feeling it. This past week my feet and lower back ache something awful by days end. Its seriously so bad today that I'm about to walk our dog and then take a nice soothing shower. After that, quite possibly bed.

I'm pretty confident what I'm feeling is just normal 3rd Tri uncomfortableness. I'm not going to lie though, I've been struggling. The best I can do to explain how I'm feeling mentally is to compare it to running a race. There is often a point in a race where you hit a wall. Where you've come more than halfway, but still have a seemingly long way to go. Most often this wall happens somewhere around 3/4 of the way through the race. Ironically, I'm about 75% through my 40 weeks of this pregnancy. I'm amazed at how far I've come, but I have to be honest with you, mid-October seems really far away right now. I'll get through it though. This, too, shall pass.

Might as well do my 29 week update now...

How far along: 29 weeks and 5 days

Total weight change: I guess technically I need to stick with my +21 since I've been going with weigh ins at the doctors for my official tally. Unless the bloating/swelling has upped my weight more than I realize, I think I'm actually down a little from last week. Have I mentioned we ate like crud on our trip?

Maternity clothes: All.the.time. I'm starting to outgrow more things as well. Gotta love the strip of baby bump that sticks out of the bottom of at too small shirt, lol.

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Movement: Generally he's pretty still during the day and is more active at night. Today was an exception to that rule. I think he's been making up for taking it easy during the warm weather we had earlier this week. He's been an active little bugger today. Started the day off with a bang by having a party in there at about 4am. I'd gotten up to go pee and he apparently took that as a sign that it was game on. Lots of BIG movements.

Sleep: Overall, this mornings wiggle fest being the exception, I've been doing alright this week. I've been having really vivid and strange dreams though. Not directly baby related, in fact the baby hasn't been in a single one, but more major life change related. Strange about my husband being arrested by Mexican Police and me hiding underneath a bush to get away (As if I'd fit underneath a bush these days. Ha!).

Best Moment This Past Week: This mornings wigglefest.

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Evenings. My back and feet aching to the point that I just want to say uncle. Realizing there is still 2.5 months to go.

Belly Button In or Out: Still an inny.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing

Symptoms: Tingly fingers, particularly on my right hand. Bloat, including the infamous cankles. Achiness of my feet and lower back, especially towards the end of the day.

What I'm Looking Forward To: October? Just kidding (sort of). In the short term I'm looking forward to the company we're having tomorrow. In the longer term I'm liking seeing the progress we've been making on the nursery. We're slowly checking off the things we need to have for his arrival, which is exciting.



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