August 4, 2011

Birth Plan Highlights

As a bit of background, we are being seen for prenatal care at a freestanding birth center, and are planning to deliver there under the care of midwives. The biggest reason we chose the birth center was because we agree almost entirely with the midwifery model of care, and believe it's the best option for us as a family. The average stay is 6 hours post-birth, and the two interventions they strongly prefer patients have are antibiotics if GBS+ and the Vitamin K shot. (That said, they put a saline lock in the middle of the non-dominant forearm, give antibiotics, and unhook the bag from the lock so it doesn't interfere with labor as much as possible). We finally finished our birth plan last week. I wanted to share the highlights. If you'd like a full copy (it's probably too long!), drop me an e-mail. My contact info is in the sidebar...

Introduction/thanking our birth center for prenatal care.
Relevant medical history/drug allergies (these are serious for me)
From there, it's broken into two parts--"Birth Center Requests" and "In Case of Hospital Transfer"

Birth Center Requests:
  • Dim lighting, quiet voices preferred;
  • Touch and guided relaxation are how I best relax;
  • Mr. Magnolia Bud would like to assist in catching the baby, announce the sex, and cut the umbilical cord;
  • Specific religious requests with Hebrew/English transliteration (I probably won't remember the prayers, so this is my reminder);
  • Tearing naturally is preferential to an episiotomy;
  • Refusal of eye ointment and heel stick for jaundice testing; and
  • Postponing PKU test until nurse comes to our house for post-birth home visit.

    In Case of Hospital Transfer
  • Request to abide by birth center preferences when possible;
  • Skin-to-skin contact for a minimum of one hour;
  • All post-birth care to wait until baby has finished breastfeeding;
  • No pacifier, no bottles, no formula;
  • Discussion of drugs should be with father, midwife and/or doula, not mother directly unless a birth partner requests this;
  • Father to be present for all medical procedures on mother and/or baby, and to accompany baby anytime baby needs to leave mother's room;
  • Preference for laboring in "alternative" positions, no continuous fetal monitoring, eating and drinking freely, and no drugs (i.e. pitocin) following birth unless there's a medical emergency;
  • Induction preferences; and
  • C-section preferences (continual epidural for 24 hours, epidural over general if possible, at least one arm not strapped down, skin-to-skin immediately, no bath until breastfeeding has begun).

    That's it! If I'm forgetting anything, please comment or email me. We're scheduled to go over the plan with one of the midwives next week at our 34 week appointment. It covers our biggest concerns/wishes, knowing that no matter what, we need to be flexible.

    Hope you're all having a great week!

    Teacher Bud said...

    I'd love to see the full thing! Can you PM or e-mail me?


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