August 4, 2011

25 weeks - 99 days to go

Summer School is over!!!!!!!!!!!!  I only had 2 full weeks with out school activities before it started, so I haven't really felt like I've had much of a summer break yet.  I only have 3 full weeks off before school starts, and I'll be on vacation for one of those, so I have to squeeze in a lot before then!  I ended up enjoying summer school.  The kids are not the same ones we have during the year, but even in only 4 weeks, they really grew on me, and I think I grew on them.  Many of them asked about Baby TB, were excited (as excited as high schoolers get - excitement is generally not "cool") to hear that Baby TB is a boy.  They were not happy with our decision not to tell people the name (that we haven't chosen yet) until after he is born.  I told them they'd just have to come back and visit if they wanted to find out.  I hope they do anyway. 

Today, we officially hit double digits - 99 days until my due date of 11/11/11.  I can't believe we've come so far.  It seems like we still have so much left to do.  I haven't even looked at pediatricians yet, we haven't picked a car seat or stroller, so much to do - so little time.  I know we'll get it all done, it just seems daunting right now.

25 week update
Belly Measurement/Weight: Up 3 lbs at my last appt!  Finally! 

Physical Progress: Getting rounder, and rounder. 

How I am feeling about my body: Pretty good.  I'm sore sometimes, but it amazes me how much my body can do.  It does feel some times like the skin on my belly is going to split open, but I just lather on more tummy butter, and hope for the best.   I am hotter than I feel like I've ever been.  The end of July was really hot, heat indexes above 100 multiple days.  The weather people keep comparing this to the summer of 1995 - which I have clear memories of as the summer that my family got air conditioning, and I got heat exhaustion.  When it is so hot and humid, I just can't be outside long, I am miserable. 

Energy Level: Better now that I can sleep in and take naps! 

Baby Movement: He's a wiggle worm!  Mr. TB has now felt him move several times.  Last night he was talking to Baby TB, and I felt the baby start to move in response, so I lay down so that he could really feel.  Baby TB was kicking up a storm!  Mr. TB gave me this surprised look and said "Is that him??  That's not your stomach muscles or something?"I assured him that was the baby he was feeling, and he marveled at how much stronger the kicks have gotten just in the last week. 



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