July 24, 2011

A very belated updated

We found out that FET #1 was a BFN on July 11th. Even though I knew it in my heart, it still hurt more than anything. However after a day of crying and an hour of talking with my therapist, I felt much better. I am still going to continue with treatments even though I am not very confident for some reason. I am going for our WTF this Wednesday. I was going to go alone, because Mr. PlannerBud is starting a new job on Monday and doesn't want to ask for time off so early. However, my therapist convinced me to bring my mother along. I normally go in with a list of questions and ask none of them; this will help me get the answer I want. If our RE doesn't change the protocol at all, we are going to another clinic (about an hour away) for a second opinion. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I want to be prepared.

The reason for this long delayed update is that Mr. PlannerBud and I took off for a week long cruise on Saturday. I was really anxious about going since I knew it was summer and lots of kids would be on the ship. What I didn't know is that it was a Nickelodeon cruise. Every show at night was started by either Patrick and Spongebob or Dora and Diego. Luckily there was a lot of alcohol on the ship and we both partook in plenty of it. Unlike other ships I have been on, there were very few places to escape children. The adults only pool was right next to the family pool and the adults only rule wasn't strictly enforced. The night club was supposed to be 18+ at night, but they allowed children in with their parents. The only true child-free place was a stateroom, which I swear was a broom closet originally. To make matter worse, every couple we sat down next to asked if we left the kids at home. When we said we didn't have kids, they almost always responded with something about how difficult or how horrible kids are. GRRR. That makes one more "last vacation before children" vacation to add to the books. Let's see how many more of these we can list. :::insert eye roll:::



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