July 22, 2011

Cloth Diaper Stash

I wanted to report in about what we're planning to do in the diapering world once Baby Magnolia Bud arrives.

Mr. MB and I feel like "average" but "eco-conscious" people within the world we live in. So we recycle whatever can go into our bin, have switched to CFL bulbs, set our heat and air very conservatively, buy organic when we can, shop at the farmer's market, and use eco-friendly cleaning products. We still use paper towels, water our lawn, flush the toilet, and don't compost...so that gives you an idea of where we fall on the spectrum. That said, I feel very strongly that because Baby MB is going to be using a LOT of diapers, we shouldn't be throwing them out every time. That would add up to a lot of consumer waste that's really pretty unnecessary--about 2100 the first year, according to answers.com.

We've also done some reading about the chemicals used in disposables, and have spoken with moms (and dads) who use cloth or disposables, and it seems like the babies in disposables have FAR more blowouts than babies in cloth. Those same babies also seem to get diaper rash more frequently.

Let's talk about costs. The average first year in disposables costs about $1100 (also thanks to answers.com). I figured out that by doing a combination of prefolds, AIO's (all-in-ones), and AI2's (pocket diapers), plus cloth wipes, we would spend somewhere in the $350-$400 range for a lifetime supply of diapers.

Once that calculation was made, our minds were made up! Mr. MB and I are very frugal people--we live below our means so that we can pay down our student loans (not very quickly, but at least we're making a dent!)

So, the question then became: How do I find a great deal on cloth? I love looking for deals, so for a few months, I just did my research. I learned about the different types of diapers, learned about the benefits/drawbacks to each, learned how to wash and dry the diapers, learned about cloth wipes, etc.

I've been buying diapers for about five months, and so far, our stash consists of:
12 newborn AIO (bum genius 3.0's, got them on seconds for $6 each).
15 one-size pockets (bum genius 4.0's, got them on seconds for $9 each), plus 9 newborn inserts and 12 one-size inserts (need a few more inserts, but might go with hemp or bamboo).
24 newborn prefolds plus six thirsties duo wrap snap covers (prefolds on sale, covers were a gift or bought with coupon).
12 infant prefolds plus two thirsties duo wrap snap covers (prefolds on sale, covers were a gift).
12 econobum prefolds plus covers (buy one get one free).
1 extra econobums cover (free).
1 baby funky butts fitted diaper (paid full price, it's adorable and made locally).
1 wet bag (still need two for home, and one for each of our diaper bags)
24 cloth wipes (still need 12 more)

We've spent about $340 so far, and expect that we'll end up right under $400.

There you have it...what we're doing for a diapering solution!

Hope you all have a great week.
-Magnolia Bud



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