July 20, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane (and my 27 week update)

I'm in complete shock that tomorrow, Mr CB and I are getting on a plane and flying across the country for our baby shower. It doesn't even seem possible. I've dreamed of the day I'd be going to a baby shower for my own baby for about 15 years now (yes, I'm ancient)...and its really happening. This weekend.

I have very little idea what to expect at the shower. Almost nothing has been bought off our registries, so I'm thinking either nobody is coming to the shower...or they've got something up their sleeves. Since a fair amount of people have commented to me that they are looking forward to seeing me this coming week, I'm guessing the sleeves option. We'll see though, either way I feel really lucky to get the chance to spend some time with people I love to pieces.

Even better is that on this trip I get to go to celebrate not one, but THREE birthdays with loved ones. Two of our grandmothers and our 6 year old niece have birthdays while we're over there. (Can you say cake and ice cream? Woo hoo!) We also get to meet two of our nieces for the very first time and we'll get not only all of my husbands siblings together, but all their kids. Actually, at the shower all the nieces/nephews from both sides of our family will be there all at once. I'm really excited about that.

I ended up with an impromptu trip to the doctors today. I'd let them know earlier this week about the tingling I've been having in my hand. Two days later I finally get a call back saying that they wanted to see me today. You know, because I'm not busy trying to get things ready for our trip the day before we leave. Although I had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to see the doctor, it was worth the wait. The doctor took some time to discuss some of my delivery options, which was something that had been on my mind, and I got an explanation as to what is going on with my fingers. Turns out I was really close with my Carpal Tunnel theory.

Apparently I have what is called "Mild Ulnar Nerve Compression". In a nutshell, there is a nerve running from my elbow to my finger tips that the swelling of pregnancy is compressing. Its the same nerve that is bothered when you hit your funny bone. Imagine that tingling in your arm/hand for weeks on end...welcome to my life. The image below shows why its only happening to my ring/pinky and occasionally middle fingers. Apparently carpal tunnel is a similar compression, but impacts the middle finger to thumb on the hand. The doctor gave me some stretches I can do and a few positions to avoid...but in reality the cure for my case is delivery.

(Image credit:http://tinyurl.com/3o66yzv)

Update time~

How far along: 27 weeks, 4 days.

Total weight change: +19 at todays appointment. More than I'd like (I started out overweight), but the doctors say its right on track.

Maternity clothes: I'm on Round Two. The belly and boobs have outgrown half of the first batch of stuff I bought.

Stretch Marks: A couple of little ones on the right hand side of my belly. Nothing too bad though.

Movement: Not as much as I'd like. I feel him everyday, but its usually a few thumps spread throughout the day. Occasionally he'll go crazy moving, but mostly he's either really chill during the days or I'm not feeling it.

Sleep: Not good this week. My emotions have gotten the best of me this week and they've been keeping me up late.

Best Moment This Past Week: Finding out why my hands are tingly and hearing his little heartbeat on the Doppler today.

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Dealing with the emotions I've been feeling and the worries when the little guy doesn't move much.

Belly Button In or Out: In.

Symptoms: Tingly fingers (mild ulnar compression...we have a name for it!) and being incredibly emotional (see post earlier this week).

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our baby shower this weekend!



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