July 19, 2011

Small progress

23 weeks.  I can't believe it's late July already.  I'm already halfway through summer school, and my first shower (the big one) is  a month from tomorrow!  We've started registering, but we still have so much to do.  We haven't picked a stroller or car seat yet - kind of big deal items!  We did get our crib and changing table/dresser this weekend, and Mr. Teacher Bud repaired the dresser on Sunday (it was used), and set the crib up last night.  He has been steamrolling ahead the last few days.  Which is good, because I am hot, and dead tired. 
from http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4358809
The heat here has been crazy.  Weather.com says that we haven't seen such sustained hot humidity since 1995.  I remember that summer - it was my first summer away at overnight camp and I got heat exhaustion.  Thank goodness my townhouse and classroom both have air conditioning!  I am someone who is usually cold, so I do not tolerate heat well. 

23 week update!
Belly Measurement/Weight: I think I'm up a lb or 2!

Physical Progress: My boobs are getting bigger.  I have a maternity shirt that no longer fits.  I'm hoping I can put off new bras (for the 2nd time!) awhile longer.  They are expensive!

How I am feeling about my body: Alright. My hips are killing me, but I think that's pretty par for the course.  

Energy Level: Tired.  The heat and the getting up early are draining me. 

Baby Movement:More wiggles, but still nothing from the outside. 



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