July 19, 2011

Happy V-Day to me and Baby BB!

Yay for 24 weeks! I am super excited to hit this milestone and baby has a chance to survive should I go into preterm labor (which I doubt). I've found that dividing the pregnancy up into milestones makes it easier for me and less stressful.

Mr. BB and I registered for our shower last weekend and that was a huge relief. We have older kids so a lot of our baby stuff had been given away or like our car seats, expired. We tested out all the new gear since we haven't had a baby in 5 years, all the stuff seemed so much different! I am excited to have registered and am hoping that our family and friends get us some of the stuff we need, just so we don't end up having to purchase everything. My mom is buying the crib and Mr. BB's mom and dad will give us money for what we don't get at the shower.

In addition to that the baby's room needs to be created. Mr. BB has to frame out the room and , you know BUILD it! I reminded him that we have 100ish days and that put his butt in gear.

I have been feeling pretty good, hungry all the time and tired a lot though. It seems like I have second tri exhaustion almost. I get to 1:00 and am ready for a nap!

We have 3 top names for Baby BB but I don't want to share yet. Two girl names and a boy name though and middle names too, yay! Things are coming together.

My 24 week appointment is tomorrow so I can do the weight update and all that tomorrow.



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