July 19, 2011

2 Months to Go!

Today marks another milestone...two months until Baby Magnolia Bud is due to arrive! I'm 31 weeks, 1 day today. Now, I know that most babies don't arrive on their due date, and most are actually late--with more than 50% of babies arriving after their due dates in most of the studies I've read. So really, while I could theoretically deliver this baby full term anytime between 6 and 11 weeks from now, I'm glad to know I have a greater than 50% chance that it will be between 9 and 11 weeks from now.

So far, we've made a lot of progress on our to-do lists. We've painted the nursery, the nursery furniture has been delivered, picked up some baby gear (much of it from friends and family--through gifts and hand-me-downs), almost finished painting our second floor, made space for baby's feeding supplies in the kitchen, finished our birth classes, partially written our birth plan, and chosen a boy name (we're down to two possibilities for girl names).

It seems like we've gotten a lot done, but we still need to finish the nursery decor, prep our cloth diapers, install the co-sleeper, pack my birth center bag, finish our birth plan, take a breastfeeding class, buy the stroller and breast pump (provided we don't get them at our upcoming showers), and finish painting the second floor. I'm so happy that list is shrinking as the weeks go by!

Lots to think about in the next two months...but I'm finally feeling like everything will get done!

Lots of Love,
Magnolia Bud



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