July 12, 2011

My Test Results

So I had to post again as I just got my results back on whether or not I have diabetes and to see where my cholesterol was at.

Let's just note that I was pretty sure I didn't have diabetes and I don't. Though I still have to watch things so I don't develop it. Ladies with PCOS have a higher risk of developing this. But I am happy I don't have it :) woot woot.

On to the cholesterol part... this tends to be higher in women with PCOS as well. And last time they checked it ... let's just say it was over 400. I won't say the exact cause it just was not good altogether. Well, my number is 180 something now :) woot woot. It is not where they'd like it to be, but wow that is over a 200 drop which is awesome they said. I had no idea I had done that good. So it makes me feel like this natural approach I am doing is so worth it and doing wonders for me.

Now I just need to get it around 140 and they will be happy. I'm just happy cause I feel like I am steps closer to improving things for myself and my journey of getting pregnant.


Cactus Bud said...

Way to go on the cholesterol numbers! A 200 point drop is amazing!

I've been teetering around the 200 mark for several years now and am jealous of your 180 :-)


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