July 10, 2011

Long Time

So I know it's been awhile, but the moving process is starting to take into full effect and I've been a bit distracted with that to even attempt to focus on the fact that I am on a mission to TTC. I know that probably sounds horrible that I could possibly be distracted from something I desire... no crave is more like it.

Isn't this the one thing I've been wanting for so long. I'd say 8 years is a long time and I can't believe I'm that distracted from it. I hope that doesn't make me bad... either way I will have to try and not beat myself up over it. Cause honestly it might do me some good to be a tad bit distracted lol.

So I've lost 5 pounds this last week... perhaps it's all the out and about things etc. So that is good for me as that is my goal right now. I also went to doctor who is going to check some of my levels do just do a follow up and then he will schedule me to see and endo doc so I can have those labs rechecked... since it's been a while since I have. However, I may have to wait to do that part till I get to where we are moving. As it is less then five weeks away that we hit the road to head out.

We may turn it into a road trip or we may just decided to head straight through so we can get everything squared away and then site see where we are moving too. Hey it would give us some time to get to know this new place we will have to call home... well that is until the military decides to have us move again.

Another note... on my natural approach. For those who saw my other post know I've switched to Burt's Bee for my body care and I still love it. The more time that has passed of me using it I love it even more. I wish I would have done it sooner. Anyways, I even went a step further and I've switched my make up as well. I found a make-up that is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS and petrochemicals. And I am in love with that as well. I am shocked at well it works and lasts on the face... even more since it's been so humid here. Most of the time it wears off and looks awful, but not with this one. My face has noticed a difference :) which is wonderful.

Next we are switching our laundry detergent and household cleaners and soaps (hand) too. I am not only doing this because it is better in general for my health, but in hopes of balancing my hormones out again and also having my estrogen balance out. That is one major culprit in infertility and miscarriages before 6 weeks. Which I've had two of during that time... and I've been told it's because my progesterone is not high enough... which is probably cause of the estrogen dominance. And all those chemicals I am eliminating mimic estrogen when it enters our bodies :( So I am hoping that helps me in my natural approach.

Well, I hope I haven't rambled to much, but it's been awhile and I am trying to make up for time I've been gone. I hope you are all well.

Wishing everyone baby dust who is still TTC.




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