July 13, 2011

Growth Scan

Apparently this morning the little guy decided that my full bladder was a good trampoline. Quite the sensation to wake up to (ouch!). During his time in the bouncy house, he had a very notable flip. When I first started to really feel movement, he'd flip all the time. The last few weeks I'm pretty sure he's been transverse (sideways) with his head on my right. It was quite a different feeling having him flip this morning. Much more noticeable than it was a few weeks ago.

This morning was my growth ultrasound to check on him and make sure he's plugging along like he should be. I had to chuckle when the the tech found him in there folded in half and breech as can be. Ha Ha! Bounce on Mommy's bladder and look where it gets you!

Sorry for the image quality. That's his head to the bottom left and body just to the right of that. In front of his face are his little shins and feet.

I'm not concerned about the breech thing yet, he's got quite awhile yet to do a 180 for me.

He did well at the scan. The average for his measurements was 27w1d. I'm 26w4d right now, so he's within reason. Heart rate of 144 bpm. Estimated weight of 2lb 2oz. Most of his measurements were right within the normal range. I'm a little concerned about his femur measurement (7th percentile) and his head measurement (95th percentile...kinda freaking me out in regards to delivery with that one), but the doctor said it was all within the normal range so I guess we're alright.

I probably should do my 26 week update now as well since my other post this week will be on a completely different subject.

For the most part its more of the same this week. He's still wiggling around in there (as I type this, actually). It turns out I was right with my suspicion that The Girls might be kicking things up a notch. Started noticing a little leakage earlier this week. (Sorry if that's TMI, just telling it like it is). I've been dealing with what I believe is Carpal Tunnel issues with my hands as well. Mostly its manifesting as a tingly ring and pinky finger on one or both hands. Definitely more prevalent on my dominant hand. Sometimes the joints in my hands are achy as well. Occasionally I have nights when I'll wake up in pain as the bottom arm of whatever side I'm sleeping on has fallen asleep. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pretty common in pregnancy (the swelling in late pregnancy can increase the pressure in the carpal tunnel leading to the issues I'm having).

In other news baby shower gifts are starting to arrive! Our shower is in a couple of weeks on the other side of the country, and a bunch of our friends and family have been shipping stuff ahead of time. Its been great having stuff trickle in and getting to gush over it all. I got my outfit for the baby shower today after the appointment. Feels good to have that out of the way as well. I seriously can't believe that we leave in less than a week to go on the baby shower trip. Where has the time gone???



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