July 6, 2011

(21 week check in) It's a ...

credit: http://a-wings-tale.blogspot.com/2011/06/its-boy.html
Boy!!!  We had out Anatomy scan at 20 weeks last week, and were very excited to find out that we are having a cute little boy.  All of the first-borns on Mr. Teacher Bud's side of the family have been boys, so I was not surprised.  The little guy was not shy about showing us that he was a boy.  We had a good view. 

We've ordered our crib which should come in the next few weeks, and we're buying a dresser off of a friend for next to nothing.  I've also been buying cloth diapers on daily deal sites like crazy.  Some of Mr. Teacher Bud's co-workers have a 3 month old that they have been cloth diapering, so we are going to have dinner and talk to them about it as well. 

Summer school started today, so the past week has just been a blur of lesson planning.  and I'm sure the next few will be as well.  I'm sorry that I've been a little lax about updating.  I'll try to be better. 

21 week update! 
Belly Measurement/Weight:
Still the same at my last appt.  1lb below my pre-pregnancy weight.  My midwife told me to eat more, and specifically to eat more protein.  I'm trying. 
Physical Progress: At 21 weeks, my uterus was measuring 23 weeks.  But duing the anatomy scan, the baby was right on track, so I'm not concerned.  Mr. Teacher Bud and I were both pretty little (of course he was a premie!) so hopefully Baby TB will be around 6lbs too.
 How I am feeling about my body: Today the way I feel can pretty much be summed up as "oh come on!"  My stretch marks just keep growing, I had to get up twice in the middle of the night to pee, and when I went to put on dress shoes today - none of them fit anymore.  It doesn't help that I think we are going to get rain, so my JRA is acting up and making my joints all swollen and achey.  Ce La vie. 
Energy Level: We'll see!  Today is the first day of summer school and so far so good.  I'll check in again after I've done a week of this! 
Baby Movement: Oh my goodness he's a little wiggle worm!  I feel him all the time now which is awesome! Little rolls, flutters, and lots of kicks.  I wish Mr. Teacher Bud could feel him.  I can't wait for that. 



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