July 6, 2011

22 Week Updates

Belly Measurement/Weight: I'm not sure, I'll find out in 2 weeks at my next appointment. Right now I think baby is about the size of a banana and pretty close to a pound.

Physical Progress: I have a very round, basketball like belly. It seems huge to me. I keep wondering how much bigger can it get? It seems like my Uterus is already up in my ribs or it is pushing something up there. At the end of the day my ribs on my right side hurt so bad! I've also had a good amount of gas and heartburn.

How I am feeling about my body: I feel pretty good. I am glad to look pregnant and still be "skinny". I get a lot of compliments which is nice.

Energy Level: Lately I have had a lot of energy until about 6:00pm and then I am done for the day.

Baby Movement: Baby BB moves around a lot in there, I love it. Now that I feel his/her movements I feel better and more relaxed than when I had to wait to hear baby's HB every 4 weeks.

This weekend is my graduation party and I am very excited! Mr. BB planned it all too. We are having a pig roast with some sides and desserts as well. It should be fun! My house is so clean, hopefully it will stay this way and when I am nesting it'll be less demanding.



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