June 16, 2011

Moving Time

Both for the baby and for our household. Movers come tomorrow to get the furniture and any boxes we've managed to get packed up. Its a local move at least (our last one was coast-to-coast), so at least its less stressful.

I'm currently at 22 weeks 5 days. Crazy to even think that I'm only 9 days from V-Day, not that I'm counting or anything... Once a pregnancy hits 24 weeks the babies chances of survival outside the womb start to climb.

I'm still feeling pretty much the same as I was last week. I haven't felt as much movement this week from the little guy, but I think that's because I've been so active myself packing and the like. I have made sure I feel him move each day, which is comforting. I've been tired and sore as anything this week, but most of that I can attribute to all the packing I've been doing this week. I've been good and not been lifting heavy or awkward things, but just the amount of moving, lifting and twisting...well, lets just say I've been feeling it. I'll be glad when the move is over with.

I feel like I'm measuring small right now, but I'm trying to convince myself its the not-so-flattering over sized junky t-shirts I've been wearing this week. The worry about him being a little on the small side was planted at our impromptu anatomy scan back at 17 weeks when they said they wanted to see us back in several weeks for a follow up growth ultrasound. Hopefully the new doctor will do the follow up ultrasound as well.

Alright, I'll catch you on the flip side. We're breaking down the electronics shortly.



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