June 14, 2011

32 weeks

Wait, what?! How did I get here?!

I know everyone says pregnancy flies by, but it really does!

I haven't posted much because I haven't had much to report. I have no complications. Everything has gone so smoothly. I feel so fortunate that after the road we had to take to get here, we have not had any bumps during the pregnancy.

Of course I have the normal complaints: sore, can't sleep, emotional, cranky, etc. But feeling baby Brynn move around in there makes it all worth it.

We just got back from our babymoon trip to Dallas and Vegas. It was HOT but I took it easy and made it through in one piece!

This weekend is my baby shower! I have to admit I stalked my registry and I am so overwhelmed at the generosity we've experienced so far. Almost all my big items have been purchased already. We've also gotten a lot of gifts from people that can't make it to the shower, including a handmade quilt and another personalized smaller blanket. I will try to post pictures of them and some shower pictures after this weekend.



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