June 18, 2011

Hormones? Check!

I started taking estrace 2mg twice daily this past Monday. On Thursday, I went to see my therapist and she asked how I was doing with them. Fine, I said. I have had zero side effect, I said. If only it stayed that way. Over the past 24 hours, I have had at least four random crying fits and one random angry fit towards Mr. Planner Bud. The hormones have arrived! Really, I don't think seeing a picture of your father eating a lobster should send you into tears, because "it's not fair that you are at home and not there". How about getting angry at your husband (who is doing you a favor and picking up a gift for your dad) because the first two stores he went didn't have the movie you wanted to get? Yay, they have been that type of crazy moments. Aren't hormones joyful?

All in all this cycle has been pretty easy so far. I have had to take no injections and the estrace pills are smaller than BCP. I have been drinking and having my diet soda; it is nice not having to think about egg quality or things like that. I am thoroughly enjoying living my life like I did before TTC again. This will all come to an end around July 1. Right now that is my scheduled ET. I am excited, but nervous. I am having a hard time being positive about it. Every logical piece of my mind is telling me that if a textbook cycle didn't work, why would something with lower success rates? However, I know that none of this really logical. Hopefully the next couple weeks go quickly.



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