June 1, 2011

IVF Reading

As I stated last post I have been frequenting the library quite a bit and I have found two new books to read about IVF that I had heard about but couldn't find till now.

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The first one which I am currently reading is "When Nature's Not Enough: Personal Journeys through In Vitro Fertilization" which follows four or five couples through thier infertility journey. I have been loving reading this book becuase it is always interesting to see what other couples feel, decisions they make regarding thier treatment path and the results of thier experiments. I love when I am reading one of the stories and can totally relate with how they were feeling. It also has felt like a healing process as I go through the stories and can relate and feel like I am not alone in how I feel about the process and the ups and downs. I find that I get teary during some parts and laugh out loud at others which I think make a great book!! I would recommend it for anyone that is interested more in the emotional side of IVF not the procedural stuff which if you are doing IVF you feel like you've read it all already!!

The second book is "Unsung Lullabies: Understanding and Coping with Infertility" which I haven't started but had read it along the line of the previous book. I am excited to get into that one as well.



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