May 31, 2011

Confession Time.....

I have a confession to make......

I am taking Clomid unmonitored.


I have debated outing myself publicly because I know people feel very strongly against unmonitored Clomid. But I figured what the hell, I'll come clean and document my experience.

I have been taking Clomid unmonitored since April but I had to take a break for the month of May (since I was out of town and away from H during potential O). I am getting ready to start another round of Clomid in the next few days since I am currently on CD 2. While I feel that this is a decision that shouldn't be made lightly, me, my H and my OB have had many in depth discussions (as well as hours of research on the internet) regarding Clomid and it's side effects. I feel comfortable with my decision to forgo the ultrasounds. The risk of OHSS is relatively low on Clomid alone and I just don't think that paying out of pocket for the ultrasounds is worth the added expense. I am sure some of you are rolling your eyes right now. And maybe I will regret my decision because stats don't much matter if you're the one with the negative side effect.

I was put on the lowest dose of Clomid and thankfully I had minimal side effects during my first round. Unfortunately I didn't get pregnant. The only noticeable side effect was painful ovulation, but it was nothing a little Tylenol couldn't cure.

So that's my big confession :) Nothing too major but it is somewhat of a controversial subject.

PB&J Bud :)


Sunflower Bud said...

I know you don't want a lecture. But I'll share my experience. I did 2 unmonitored cycles on 50mg of Clomid with my OB.

Because of that, I ended up needing to have cysts surgically removed and came VERY close to losing one of my ovaries altogether because it was so engulfed in cysts. Thankfully, I had a very skilled RE who was able to remove them without damaging the ovary.

Had I been monitored, this would have never happened.

Just my .02. I wish you the best and hope that you don't have any complications from your decision.

C said...

I took clomid for 3 months without monitoring and nothing terrible happened, just the normal side effects. Good luck, I hope this round ends with a bfp for you!!

The Kloeppings said...

We also did Clomid unmonitored and the only side effect after our third round was a lining so thin it wouldnt have supported a pregnancy anyways.

I definitely recommend at least getting checked between cycles to make sure there are no cyst's growing. If you can that doc would do a quick pelvic to make sure there were no cysts and we were good to go.


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