June 2, 2011

SLS Free

Just wanted to stop in and let you all know how things are going. Besides being stressed a tad bit with trying to get things together to move and trying to find another job (so I have one when I get to where we are moving) and finding the right time to quit my job here.... everything's just peachy :)

After losing some inches I started to get bloated... which is a plus cause I honestly think my Aunt Flo is trying to stop by for a visit. So that would be nice for that to happen. It's been a couple months so I do need it to start.

Other than that I am trying to add more to my workout routine too... such as swimming :) which is always fun. Now that the sun is out it's time to go to the pool.

On a side note I am trying to switch over to SLS Free Shampoo's, conditioners, body wash and make-up etc. I've been doing some research and finding that staying away from products with SLS in them is highly recommended for those with PCOS. Probably good if we all did, but some Cyster's have seen their PCOS symptoms improve by eliminating SLS in the things they use. They've had great outcomes with their cycles and ovulation and with the over production of estrogen... which causes issues with fertility and miscarriages. So it's worth a try for me since I'm trying to do things naturally and faith.

So far I've tried shampoo and already feel a difference in one wash. We will see what happens after a while of using it.

I hope all of you are doing well.

PS I can't wait for the move to be done with :)



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