May 1, 2011

12 weeks - NT Scan

Whew!  On Friday we reached the 12 week mark and had our NT Scan!  It was so great to see baby TB again, and get the reassurance that everything is alright in there. 

I cried again, of course.  I had been panicking the week before that we would get the the NT scan and there would be no heartbeat, but everything was good!  Little TB had a heartbeat of 167 beats per minute.  When we first started the ultrasound, the baby was wiggling around.  Then the tech had me go empty my bladder, and when we came back, baby TB had rolled over and fallen asleep.  At one point he/she even had the hiccups!  It was so cute. 

We were so happy all day, and sharing the pictures with everyone.  We haven't come out on facebook, but we have told our family and friends, and I'll be telling my students this week.  Eep!  I'm not looking forward to telling my students.  It just seems very awkward to me.  They all know where babies come from, and I do not want my teenage boy students imagining anything.  Yuck!  I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm just nervous about the whole thing. 

On a less squicky note, our first appointment at the birth center is scheduled for Tuesday!  I'm so excited to start seeing them, and another of the many great things about them, is they have evening appointments, so I don't have to take off of work!  Yay!

As for a 12 week update, I do feel like I might be starting to show.  Even the elastic pants I bought a few weeks ago are starting to feel tight, as are my bras.  It may be time to start shopping soon.  It's strange to think about, especially in light of the fact that I am still not back up to my pre-pregnancy weight since the hyperemesis gravidarum.  I'm still taking anti-nausea drugs most of the time, and I'm still throwing up about 3 times a day, but I think it is starting to get better.   When I do vomit, it's not as much, mostly fluids, and I am eating real meals again most of the time.  I can only hope that this will vanish soon and I can experience the supposed awesomeness of the 2nd tri without puking. 
That's it for now, hope everyone is having a great weekend! 



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