May 2, 2011

What a week, er weeks!

We had quite a scare after our NT scan last week, so I decided not to post until we got some results. Baby's Nuchal Fold was measuring 3.5 mm and the office where I had the scan done likes to see it below 3 mm. Luckily my 12 week appointment was after the scan so the doctor at the other office had time to call my midwife so she could give us more information.

Mr. BCB and I went next door to the office finding information on Google to make us feel better. We went into the office and our midwife's assistant got us and took us back to the room. She took my blood pressure, which was normal and my weight, I lost 2 pounds. My midwife Sarah came in soon after. She made a little small talk before she informed us that the doctor who read our scan results said that our chances of having a baby with Down Syndrome were 1 in 6! What?! 1 in 6?! My midwife kept telling me she was sorry and hugged me and I broke down. She told us our options were to have a CVS in 2 days or an Amnio at 15 weeks. We opted to do the CVS so we would know sooner.

Mr. BCB left the office worried, calling our immediate family and best friends to let them know and ask for prayers. Our friends and family were very supportive through the whole process and I think Mr. BCB and I became closer. So we banned the internet so we wouldn't worry more than we needed to in the time we waited for the CVS. We showed up for the CVS in good spirits. The tech who was supposed to check baby's heartbeat decided to retake some measurements. Baby BCB's Nuchal fold was measuring only 2.7mm. Had that been the measurement the first time we would have had a simple blood test and not been worried. After we got some more pictures of our sweet little baby we went to have a consultation with the doctor before the CVS.

Dr. F was incredible. She was very positive and answered all of our questions with patience and care. She told us the initial test, called a FISH test would just be looking at Chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 for those corresponding trisonomies. If baby had Trisonomy 13 or 18 we would have had to look at a D & C because baby would most likely die during or after birth. Trisonomy 21 is Down Syndrome and we would have had to make a a decision about that as well. Mr. BCB and I decided to move forward with the test.

Dr. F did the CVC transcervically so it was not painful. I had to have a full bladder and that was the worst part. Dr. F and her staff were funny and Mr. BCB and I joked with them the whole time. That whole office was amazing and I have a lot of respect and admiration for the staff.

I just got a call from Dr. F this morning and Thank God, our baby does not have any of the above mentioned chromosome abnormalities. Dr. F said that the rest of the results back soon but she is not worried because it is very rare that anything comes back abnormal with the other chromosomes. We are so relieved and thankful.

Dr. F also let me know that they know the gender of baby BCB but we are team green so she didn't tell us. I kind of wish she would have accidentally told me because I do want to know but Mr. BCB and I agreed to wait.

Other than that craziness I feel good. We are rounding the corner into second trimester, woo hoo! I am starting to get my energy back and I am happy to have a "normal" pregnancy. We have not bought anything for the baby but I am hoping since we are in second trimester now we can begin our purchases.

I still really want to eat, potatoes pickles all the time. Yum!

Here is a picture of my healthy little baby. I cannot wait to meet him/her.



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