March 8, 2011

Telling the Family

This is belated, but I wanted to share how telling our families went. Two Fridays ago, we decided that it had been long enough. That was the day we were going to tell our families about the baby.

Bright and early the morning of the 25th (before our prenatal appointment), we called my mom at home. She was SO excited! She asked when we were due, we told her September. She asked what day, we said 19th. She started screaming louder...and I made out "SO IS RACHEL!!!!!" (Rachel is my baby sister. We're a year and a week apart. Now we're due on the SAME DAY!). So our first announcement was made...and we got an even better one back!

My sister hadn't told anyone but my mom and her IL's about the baby, since their first appointment isn't until today. I am SO excited that we're pregnant together. We live 15 hours apart, and we've never been the closest of friends, but I can't imagine something so fun as to each be pregnant with our first baby at the same time! (And yes, we've already worked out when mom is visiting each of us...Rachel gets her for the first two weeks, and she'll be with us for 1.5 weeks after that).

We then told two of my brothers and my dad, who were both really excited. In fact, one brother's reaction went something like this:
Me: "Hi do want to be an uncle don't you?"
Him: "WHAT?!?!?!?! Go back a sec. Are you serious?"
Me: "Yep, we're due in September. We're so excited!"
Him: "You're telling me that today is the day I get to become an uncle? This is the best day of my life! I went to Taco Bell, ordered my lunch, and while they cook it I became an uncle?! This is awesome!"

So cute! And if he's counting himself as the best/favorite/most awesome uncle now, I'm definitely not stopping him!

Later that afternoon, we drove up to see Mr. Magnolia Bud's family for the weekend. Our newest niece was born a month before, and we hadn't been up to meet her yet--so that was our cover. We met his family at his brother's house for dinner. Of course, we brought presents galore--belated birthday gifts for three of the people that were there. After dinner, we were sitting around at the table, and Mr. MB told his mom we brought her a present too. She said (as she always does) that just seeing us was enough of a present. He handed her a lime. She looked at it, and asked what it was. Mr. MB said that it's the size of her next grandchild. Everyone got REALLY quiet and we could tell they were thinking "seriously?" (Some background--we've made it really clear for years that having kids were a low priority for us, and it would be years and years before we started thinking about them...of course, all to make them stop asking the questions). All of a sudden she started squealing with excitement, it was adorable! Everyone was SO excited, and they all seemed to be in a bit of shock--all night people would say things like "I can't believe it!" "Finally!" etc. It was all very cute.

Last week, I told my bosses, and we came out on Facebook and my personal blog too. My boss announced it at our all-staff meeting yesterday by having everyone who wasn't pregnant stand other girl and I were left sitting (out of 75 people, she had announced last month). Everyone clapped, it was great!

Until next time, sending lots of love and baby dust your way!
Magnolia Bud



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