March 10, 2011


I feel very happy to have passed the 4 week mark! I am really looking forward to being 6 weeks, because it is halfway to 12. I have been having the usual symptoms, HUGE boobs (so huge I had to buy new bras!), fatigue, and nausea. Today the nausea is the worst, I don't feel like doing anything.

Mr. Buttercup Bud and I informed our family and close friends of the pregnancy. We decided we would like their support if, God forbid, anything goes wrong. Every one was very excited, I think my mom most of all. She has already bought so many little newborn outfits. I forgot how tiny babies are when they are new! I have the clothes hanging in my closet and I look at them every day.

I cancelled my original OB appointment because Mr. Buttercup Bud and I decided to go with a different group who has midwives. I am very excited to work with them, and the hospital. My first appointment is at 8 weeks, and I cannot wait to hear my little Turkey's heartbeat.

Mr. Buttercup Bud has been sick this week, so sick that we had to go the the ER! Poor guy threw up for 5 hours straight! The next day, someone at the ER called and said that may or may not have seen something on his chest x-ray (very helpful). Of course being a ball of hormones, my reaction was to worry. They told him if he was feeling better then to follow up with his primary care doctor. He scheduled an appointment with them for next week. Unfortunately he just told me he feels sick again, I thought we were passed this! If you could send any prayers, vibes, juju our way that this is just a bug and nothing is seriously wrong with Mr. Buttercup Bud I would so appreciate it!


Buttercup Bud



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