February 9, 2011

Shots, Shots and more Shots

So my stomach and me have had it with shots!! I hate needles, I seriously loathe them!! When I was a teenager I was thrown face first into a metal fence off a galloping horse and had paint embedded into my cheek. At the doctor's they wanted to give me a shot to numb my face so they could scrub the paint out and I refused and told them I would do it myself if I didn't have to have a shot. When my blood is drawn my veins collapse a lot or the nurses have a hard time getting blood from them so they spend a lot of time digging around my arm till they do. I have had 3 nurses have to "tap out" as they call it due to sticking me 3 times without success and the 4th nurse was on her third stick, I thought I was going to die!! So I hate needles, just the thought of them makes me get jittery. Of course infertility, hypothyroidism and PCOS involves lots of needles, all the testing, re-testing just to diagnosis that you have a problem. Then moving onto Clomid cycles and the blood work to track those pesky hormones. Now with IVF all the lovely injections that you get to take right in that cute tummy of yours! I have my mom give me the shots because it probably would take me a while to give myself that shot or I would jam it in way too hard over anticipating the force needed to get the needle in!! Besides, it is just easier to have someone else to stab you with a needle.

Today is day 9 of shots and even the Cetrotide is starting to hurt going in which I figure means my body is really tired of them not just my emotions!! The good thing is I only had to have one injection instead of two due to the Dr. wanting to slow down the growth of those follicles. Today I have my appointment so we will see if he changes the injections even more or keeps them the same.

Thanks for reading my gripes about those awful needles!!


Anonymous said...
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Sunflower Bud said...

I have the same feeling about needles. When I had to start the injections, I had panics daily. The constant blood draws, etc. Ick.

Even now finally being pregnant, I still can't escape the needles. Lab techs hate to draw my blood because my veins hide and they have to smack the heck out of my arms to get some LOL.

Esther Noelle said...

Yes! Dumb nurses always poke me like 3 times and then have to get someone else! Let's try here... and here... and your hand... your wrist... ugh so annoying! Doing the couple of shots for my one IUI cycle was so hard I can't even imagine all the shots you're having to do!!!! Ahhh!!!!


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