February 9, 2011

8w2d Update

Mr. Magnolia Bud and I have been keeping our eye on this date since we found out I was pregnant again. Last time I was pregnant, I miscarried at 8w2d. It was the rock bottom of my adult life to date. It was the single day that tested our marriage and our relationship more than anything else we've been through together. But it was also the day that showed us how much we rely on each other, and how strong our relationship is.

Today, we are thankful that I still feel pregnant. I'm still bloated, with sore breasts, low back pain, nausea when I'm not snacking, more food aversions than I can count, and the worst insomnia of my life. We'll always mourn the loss of our first baby, but are celebrating our growing second baby, and starting to think about what the future holds with an outside baby.

Otherwise, no appointments this week. Not much going on at all, actually. I had another acupuncture session last night, and my acupuncturist treated kidney and heart points, along with some sleep points. I also had my first prenatal massage last night. 90 minutes of pure bliss! I'm planning to go every 6-8 weeks, so my next will be around 16 weeks, I think. Can't wait!

Mr. Magnolia Bud deserves a shout out. He has been the best husband I could imagine during this pregnancy so far, and no matter how terrible I'm feeling, he's able to do something or say something that either makes me feel better, or just know he feels bad that I feel bad. What can I say, I love him!

Sending lots of baby dust to each of you...
Magnolia Bud


Cactus Bud said...

I completely understand what you mean about watching the calendar for that milestone date. Ours is on Sunday.

Congrats on making your milestone!

Buttercup Bud said...

Congratulations on making your milestone! How do you like acupuncture? I am thinking about trying it.

Diva Bud said...

The best thing to do is stay positive and believe that everything will work out! :) Good luck!!!

Magnolia Bud said...

CB--I love acupuncture. I went before pregnancy for aches and pains (and anxiety), and think it's done wonders for m/s and general relaxation. I always sleep better after a session too. My acupuncturist specializes in women's health and fertility issues, so she's been wonderful. I'm going every week through 1st tri, and then I'll cut back to as-needed in 2nd and most of 3rd tri. Starting about 35 weeks, I'll start going every week again (2x/week at 38 weeks) to prep for labor and eventually induce.


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