February 16, 2011

Pretty Chart =/= Pregnancy

I wish it did. Because I would be KTFU! Last cycle I had a beautiful chart and I was sure it would end with a + HPT. Ha. Boy, I was wrong. When AF showed up at 14 DPO it hit me hard. Not only was it my first cycle after my Chemical Pregnancy (and there is a school of thought that you are more fertile after a miscarriage) but my chart totally lured me into thinking there was a baby in my uterus when in fact, it was empty :(

Minus the 14 DPO temp dive, isn't pretty? Well it meant nothing! My body played a cruel joke on me!

This cycle I am doing my best not to buy into the same baloney of a "pretty chart is a sure sign of pregnancy" because again my chart is looking promising.

Look at those high temps! They are well over the cover line!

Like I said in my last post, I did test today at 9 DPO. Of course it was a BFN :( I am embarrassed to make the confession that I actually started testing 7 DPO. And I tested again yesterday morning at 8 DPO. I know, I am an idiot. Something comes over me in the mornings and I become delusional. Some how I can convince myself that it IS a good idea to test, even if I am only 7 DPO. Are you rolling your eyes?! Haha. I have read on the internet about TTC'ers who get a + HPT 7 DPO and then I can't control the urge to test.

And I will make one more confession......I started using OPKs 5 DPO. My reasoning? Well, I wanted to do an experiment to see if the OPKs will fade into a + (BTW, there is no fading, just stark white OPKs). It still doesn't justify my delusional train of thought, but hey it didn't cost me much money to support my POAS habit. Thank goodness for internet cheapies. Or I would be crazy AND broke. Besides, if I am KU I don't want all of my HPTs and OPKs to go to waste........another weak excuse.

Is anybody else out there a POASaholic? Anyone? Or am I in a league of my own?

PB&J Bud :)


Magnolia Bud said...

I can't judge! I'm an early tester too! (7DPO usually...)
Hope it's just too early for you; your chart looks great!

Diva Bud said...

Nothing wrong with testing early! We are all guilty of that ;)

Me said...

When I was TTC I would often do one early one around 7-8 DPO to get the urge to POAS out of my system. From there I could hold out until it was more realistic.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for an implantation dip on your chart. Best of luck!

Kelly Jean said...

My first cycle TTC, I tested at 4DPO LOL! I must have taken 25 HPTs our first 3 cycles. Since then I have calmed down a LOT (and spotting at 11dpo has kept me from testing much at all the last few cycles).. Those BFNs are just too damn depressing. Love your bog! I have a button to it on mine, it's so cute. I'll be checking in our TTC journey! :D


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