February 10, 2011

Are those cross hairs I see?

Yes they are! I am proud to say I am FINALLY in my 2WW! I don't know what's worse, waiting to O or the 2WW? Hmm, I think waiting to O is more stressful......but my opinion may change over the next 2 weeks :P Ha. Actually, this whole TTC process is stressful. Waiting to O, the 2WW, taking temps, peeing on things and not getting the results you want, eating nasty pineapple core.....here's to hoping this is my last cycle worrying about this crap.

I am excited about ovulating because it's necessary to conceive - duh, but I am more excited that the 2WW=2WB (two week break) from sex. This cycle we tried to hump it out every day and I think my vag might go on strike if it doesn't get some relief soon. But whaddya know, the one day we didn't have sex would be the day that I ovulated ::sigh. of course:: That missing day of sex is haunting me and it's all I see when I look at my chart! I hope by taking that day off we are not out of the running this cycle.

I hope to hold off on testing until I am 14 DPO. But I say that every month and it never happens. Self control isn't anything I know. If I am being honest, I more than likely I will start testing 9 DPO and continue until AF shows up. I may need a POAS intervention!!

And of course, because I like to put the cart in front of the horse, my phantom EDD would be October 31, 2011. Sounds like a good day to have a baby! So wish me luck that I get that a Halloween baby :)

Take care,

PB&J Bud


Diva Bud said...

Ooh and my phantom EDD is 10/12 :)

Cactus Bud said...

Good Luck!

FWIW, our BDing closest to O was also the day before. Seems to have worked for us! Fingers crossed it does for you as well.

Rai said...

On my BFP cycle, or BDing looked just like that, with a missing day on the day of O.
Good luck!
- Cherry Bud


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