February 10, 2011

First Appointment

The Alpengeist. My favorite roller coaster at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.

The time since this BFP has been a real roller coaster. A balancing act, if you will, between being happy and being worried. I'm happy to report that the spotting that was of concern last time I posted has thankfully not returned. My symptoms are still pretty much non-existent though, which I suppose I should be thankful, for but its got me worried. Since the spotting on the 7th I've only had minor nausea and have gone from a waterfall downstairs to a desert. My doctor says thats normal, as does the book she recommended What to Expect When You're Expecting (WTEWYE) by Heidi Murkoff. Dr. Google concurs.

I'm really excited to have made it to my first doctors appointment. I didn't get that far last time. It was kind of surreal being there though, particularly when they gave me paperwork to fill out and I was answering questions with myself listed as "Mother". Kind of reminded me of when we first got engaged and the vendors referred to me as "The Bride". I digress...

The first appointment went well. I was able to pass their pee test (Yahoo!). I got a chance to talk with my doctor. Mostly she just answered questions and asked things like when my last period was, what immunizations I've had, if I was taking prenatal vitamins...things like that. They took some blood samples before I left, from what I could translate from the lab order it looks like it was to make sure I am good and healthy.

The doctor did give me a bit of concerning news. Apparently with my insurance (Tricare), my doctor has to put in a referral to herself to continue my prenatal care. Tricare can refuse her referral and have me go to military clinics and hospitals instead. I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen.

Oh and the doctor said that if I get to stay with her office (we should know next week), that she wants me to have an ultrasound around 6 weeks. I'm sooo hoping that gets to happen. My previous loss was at 5w1d, so to see things are on track soon after that point would be amazing. Not to mention there would likely be a heartbeat then. We shall see though, this is all up in the air waiting on the verdict with insurance. I have no idea what the u/s schedule is at the military hospitals...will cross that bridge when I come to it.

If you all wouldn't mind keeping Baby Cactus Bud in your thoughts in the coming days I'd appreciate it. This weekend we'll (hopefully) be passing the gestation when the previous loss occurred. I can't begin to tell you what a huge step making it past that point will be.

Before I forget, I want to send out a big welcome to the two new buds, Determined Bud and Buttercup Bud. I'm looking forward to getting to know you both. Best of luck!


PB&J Bud said...

Well, I guess no news is good news! I am hoping Tricare will let you stay put and you get your six week ultrasound. Until then, try not to stress (easier said than done, I know!).

Explorer Bud said...

This is exciting!! I am sure you will be more at ease once you see that little one on the ultrasound!! Good luck with the insurance, they can be such a pain!


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