February 24, 2011

Pregnancy was not kind to me

Initially when I got pregnant with Little PB&J I swore I would watch what I eat and keep my weight gain to a healthy minimum. I thought I would be that glowing pregnant girl who was all belly. You know, I thought I'd be radiant. Bwhahahah. Aww, I was so cute to think that. Morning sickness set in and the only foods that were appetizing were french fries and sour patch kids. I did eat other foods along the way but these two items were the staples of my diet. Sad, isn't it? Thank God for prenatal vitamins. Anyway, that respectable weight I was trying to stay under was nothing but a joke and I ended up gaining 60 lbs. Whoopsie. I was a fat ass. Pregnant, yes but dude, believe me when I say I was a fat ass. And I had CRAZY swelling. I was notorious for the size of my ankles. Every where I went Mr. PB&J would beg me to show everyone. "C'mon PB&J just show them your ankles." It was like I was a traveling freak show.

I know the look of horror you have in your eyes right now! I saw it all throughout my pregnancy. And yes, it was painful. Please excuse my not so manicured nails. I wasn't about to get a pedicure in that condition. But to prove that I am human and not part elephant, here is a non-pregnant pic of me with smaller ankles. It's not the best pic, but I don't have too many pictures of my ankles lying around.

My ankles weren't the only thing that swelled. So did my boobs. All my life I have been flat chested (see pic above) and I desperately wanted bigger boobs. I never knew what it felt like to have a guy check out my chest. So I was stoked when my A cup boobs became a full D cup! And then began to I notice creepy old men looking at my chest. Pervs. Even when I was 9 months pregnant and 60 lbs over weight. Umm, me no likely. Give me back my small boobs. Kind of an awkward request but check out how big they were......

And why did nobody tell me to put on a sweater??? Because those things were out of control.

But all in all, I love every single minute about being pregnant! I just wish pregnancy loved me back! I can't wait to experience it again, as it was the thing I am most proud of. It was well worth it because in the end I got this......

And she's worth it :)

PB&J Bud


Cactus Bud said...

You're scaring me. My girls are that big to start with. What am I in for? lol :-l


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