February 25, 2011

!4 and 15 week update OR Inception: Pregnancy Edition

Hello, ladies, and welcome, new buds!

Seriously, I have to post more. Life has been hectic, but even I'm starting to go "Wait, Cherry who?"

I am immensely sorry.

Anyway, updates.

- No more morning sickness! YAY! Except when I don't eat. Which happens an alarming amount. Pre-pregnancy, I was one of those people who could completely forget breakfast and not eat until dinner and be fine. You know those people. They're obnoxious and everyone secretly waits for the day when they discover chocolate cake and eat themselves to 400 pounds. Anyway, now that I'm pregnant, the habit is still to wake up fiftenn minutes before I have to be at work, throw on my clothes and jet. Then, at 9:30, right in the middle of morning circle time, my stomach says "CHERRYBUDFEEDMENOW!!" So I've taken to not only actually eating breakfast for the first time since I was in high school (I know. Revolutionary.), but taking these things to work with me:
Photo Credit
They keep my tummy sane. I will say that, when you are the "teacher" in a room full of one year olds, it's hard to sneak bites of cracker without having huge baby eyes in your face saying "So, you gonna finish that?"

- We signed up for childbirth classes today. The goal is to (gulp) get through labor without an epidural. Go ahead. Laugh. Roll your eyes. Pat me on the head and say "That's sweet." But I'm at least going to try, so we've signed up for Bradley Classes, which come highly recommended by several friends who have made it through labor without meds. We were actually incredibly late signing up, and only managed to get a spot because another couple opted out. So woo-hooo!

- My dreams of late have become increasingly disturbing. Seriously, it's like Christopher Nolan has invaded my head. The dreams are so vivid and real. Plus, some of them are a little on the..umm..naughty side and that's just a whole mess of confusing, when I have never felt less sexy in my life.


- And, lastly, this is what I look like right now. Ignore the gaping black hole behind me. Please. It was that or bear witness to my piles of laundry.


Until next time,



Explorer Bud said...

I think that is great that you are going natural!! My sister did and had a lovely birth and she said it was a wonderful experience. My neighbor is doing a homebirth next month as well and I have several other friends that do it all natural and would swear by it so I think you will do great!!


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