February 8, 2011

Introducing Determined Bud!!!

Hello Everyone,

I am Determined Bud. I chose Determined Bud because all my life I have been just that. Whatever I have put my mind to through out my life, I have been determined to see it through to the end.
A little about Mr. Determined Bud & I, He is 28 and I am 23. We had a whirl-wind romance (Which I would never change)! We met while I was working a promotion, and a month later we were engaged. There was just something about him that I knew he was the man I wanted to marry. We married 10 months later, September of 2009, the most perfect ceremony and reception. I could not have asked for anything better.
Soon after we were married we began TTC. I thought TTC my first would be easy! You just get of BCP, stop using any form of BC and magically it will just happen. Wow. How naive was I?!?! Sure I guess this plan usually works for most couples but 1 in every 10 are like me! After 13 months of TTC the old fashion way and nothing to show for it, besides being exhausted, I spoke with my OBGYN. She told me that 80% of couples conceive within a year. Of course, I had to be in that 20% that doesn't. So I was referred to the fertility department. I was a little reluctant about the fertility department, of course I did not dare show that to my DH. I spoke with a nurse on the phone about how to begin this whole phase and she gave me a list.....

First on the list.... A fertility seminar. I was a quiet nervous and anxious about this. As DH and I walked in to the room that Tuesday afternoon, I remember feeling even more alone. Not one person in the room was close to my age. Not one person gave a friendly smile. Everyone hugged close to their significant other and kept their head down. The seminar itself was very useful, we both learned a lot about the whole process. I am glad our fertility department recommends couples attend it.

Second on the list...... tests, tests oh and more tests. After being pricked with a needle too many times to count and way too many vials of my blood taken, I got my results. Normal, everything was normal. All my hormone levels, vitamin b, and blood counts were perfect. Then they explained I needed to have an HSG. (if you are unfamiliar with this, its where they inject dye into your uterus to make sure your uterus and fallopian tubes are free of any blockage) Finally AF came and I made my appointment. I laid down on the hard x-ray table and looked at the screen with my uterus on it, just staring in aw that hopefully soon a little baby might be growing there, I was jolted away from that thought with Major cramping from the dye! They did not prepare me for the cramping I had. Once again my results came back Normal, no blockages. Finally DH had to begin his tests.... come to find out the only test he needed to complete was a SA. Really? I went through all that pain from needles and the HSG and he just has to "relieve" himself into a cup?!?!?! I don't really see the fairness in that!

Third on the list....... The Appointment. Finally, we (well since DH had to work just me) met with the Dr. He explained what all my test results meant and what our plan of action was. They I had a quick ultrasound, and no surprise to me I had a cyst on my ovary. A closer look from the Dr. he explained he figured out my fertility problems. He diagnosed me with PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. I was kind of relieved that there was an answer the my fertility issue. Unfortunately because of the cyst we could not start any treatment for fertility. So again I waited for my dear friend AF. once she came I had another appointment with the Dr. Hooray, No cyst this time. So I was cleared to begin treatment. I was given a 5 day cycle of Clomid, a medication that forces your body to ovulate. On CD 3 I started the pills and on CD 17 I ovulated, but on CD 30 AF showed up and ruined everything. So once again I returned to the Dr. and was cleared for another round of Clomid. CD 15 I ovulated and I am on CD 33 with no BFP or AF. Sadly I want AF to show up so I can start this "fun" process all over again.

I look forward to sharing my story, my journey and my life with everyone!


PB&J Bud said...

Welcome :) Even though you are hoping for AF I have my fingers crossed that you will soon be posting a BFP announcement!

Explorer Bud said...

Welcome! That is a frustrating feeling knowing that it isn't a go that cycle and waiting for AF to arrive!! I have PCOS as well and usually had to take Progesterone to get my period to come otherwise we would have waited several months inbetween cycles!! Good luck hopefully next cycle will be the one!

Diva Bud said...

Welcome! It is wonderful to have you and hear your story :)


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