February 8, 2011


I had a minor amount of spotting last night and don't think I've felt symptoms since yesterday afternoon. Thankfully the spotting seems to have stopped, but this is still way too similar to my miscarriage experience for my liking. With the miscarriage, I had some pretty bad back cramps followed by spotting which gradually worsened over the next day...followed by the floodgates opening and all question of a viable pregnancy disappearing. After the back cramps, I never felt another symptom.

Thankfully I haven't had bad back cramps this time around and the spotting was so much less...but the fact that the symptoms are seemingly gone is freaking me out. I'm trying to remind myself that this early on (4W3D), its totally normal for symptoms to not be present. I'm also trying to remind myself that not all spotting leads to bad news. Early pregnancy, particularly after a loss, is such a huge mind game.

I'm waiting on a call back from my doctor. I have my first appointment with them tomorrow. I'm hoping they can clue me in as to what the cause of the spotting might be. Not sure what else they could do. I guess they could run betas, but I'm not sure I'm ready to hear the results if they aren't good.

Edited to add: I finally heard back from my doctors office. Only took them 5 hrs and a second call from me (eye roll). They say just to come in as scheduled tomorrow. Not surprising given its after 3pm here already. I'm looking forward to getting in there and getting on the road to perhaps getting some answers. I'm also looking forward to asking them to check on a possible infection (UTI or yeast...feels like somethings going on).


Sunflower Bud said...

It's quite common to experience some spotting around the 4w mark when your period would normally be arriving. Try not to worry too much about it. Perhaps get your progesterone tested to see if you need some supplements.

Keeping you in my thoughts that everything is fine.

Diva Bud said...

Try to stay positive and not worry... Everything will be fine, you'll see!!! Sending positive vibes your way :)

Cactus Bud said...

Thanks guys. Asking about progesterone is definitely on my agenda for tomorrow at the doctor (I've been suspecting I may have low progesterone even before this pregnancy).

Do either of you know if getting on prog later rather than right from O time will make a difference in the viability of the pregnancy?

Buttercup Bud said...

Good Luck Cactus Bud! Sending positive vibes your way!

PB&J Bud said...

Not that I am a medical expert by any means but when I had my CP I spotted for a few hours before the flood gates opened. So based on my experience, it's a good sign that the spotting has stopped. Fingers are crossed for you and I hope you get some comforting news at your doctors appointment tomorrow :)

Cactus Bud said...

I'm trying to convince myself the spotting was implantation. It was a brownish red, not the evil red of doom, but definitely some red in there.

Its the lack of symptoms that's worrying me most. Its been more than 24 hrs since I've had anything I know for sure is pg related.

Sunflower Bud said...

When I had spotting around 5 weeks, the on call OB told me that it was possible that the egg was digging in deeper and causing the bleeding.

Progesterone can't hurt. It may not help if that's the issue but it certainly won't hurt.


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