January 3, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

I finally made it back home! The holidays truly were wonderful, and it was so nice to spend them with family and friends that we had not seen for a long time. It was also nice to be back in New England during the holidays, when winter is at its most fierce. We got a blizzard while we were there...so, Lil JB really got to see what snow and winter were like. As a Florida boy, he was not too impressed, but it was fun none the less!

I really thought I would be able to post from NY when I got their to visit my grandmother. She recently moved into an Assisted Living Facility (ALF), and I stayed at her old home. Little did I know that my aunt and uncle had already turned off her cable, and her internet...so, I had no way of posting...thank goodness I got a Kindle for Christmas!

There were a lot of emotions over the holiday. I found out that my husbands cousin had her baby, and that made me happy and sad at the same time. I found out other people were pregnant again, and looking to welcome babies this spring and summer. AF made her appearance on Christmas Eve, and although I KNEW she was coming, it was hard. It always is. I had NO PMS at all this go round, which is so unusually odd for me, so I had a little glimmer of hope that maybe I was indeed knocked up. Now, that we saw all of our family and friends face to face, many asked us about our plan to adopt. So, we went over that plan, and over it and over it and over it. I was OVER IT all together by the time I returned home again lol, but I know that they were only curious, and that they love us and want to wish us best in everything. It was still hard though.

We did find out some interesting news though...lil JB had two half siblings in Georgia that his mother lost custody of. Apparently, they have been adopted, and we are in the process of giving out contact info to the case manager that handled the adoption so that she can pass it on to the adoptive family. It will be nice to see if we can get any pictures and exchange info, and it will be nice to hear about lil JB's birth mother and what they may know about her that we do not.

All in all, a very nice holiday. Here's to 2011. :-)

~June Bud



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